Sunday, January 17th, 2021

About FANA

Fiji Festival is an undertaking of the Fiji American National Association (FANA). It was founded in 2002 and is located in Union City, CA.

Fiji Festival provides a medium for Social, Economical and Cultural enrichment for the people of Fiji origin and those of the South Pacific.

The Festival allows us to share our heritage with ourselves and with those of this great Nation.

To bring the Festival to the people, the committee has fostered alliance with the business community. This has lead to greater exposure for the participating businesses as well as providing financial support for the event.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Fiji Festival has established a relationship with our community that will last a lifetime!

Mission Statement: The Association will provide an effective voice for Fiji cultural, social, political, economic and academic fields as an umbrella organization of various regional organizations

1 ) Build a forum for communication between people of Fiji Origin and mainstream Americans.
2 ) Effectively represent the common interests and goals of people of Fiji origin.
3 ) Exhibit the richness of Fijian culture, tradition and values.
4 ) Encourage people of Fijian origin to participate at al levels of public service.
5 ) Collectively participate in charitable and humanitarian causes.
6 ) Protect the civil and human rights of people of Fiji origin and other communities.
7 ) Provide a helping hand to associate members.
8 ) To collect funds to secure a multi ethnic community center by actively organizing and promoting events.

FANA Committee Members